5 Year Old Free

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Breaking News! She is FREE!!! Little Ariana was just 5 years old when she was rescued from sexual abuse. A life of poverty and suffering had left little Ariana vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Our teams were right by her side to comfort her and support her when she was rescued by special investigators.

She’s so young, she couldn’t even understand why detectives kept asking her so many questions.

Our teams have done everything they can to make all of the difficult moments from this past week easier for her – they got her a strawberry ice cream cone (her favorite flavor!), and they let her pick a beautiful pink bouquet of flowers that put a smile on her face.

At every step of the way, we’ve had a psychologist with her to help her process her pain and trauma, and little Ariana is now living in the safety of our Unlikely Heroes home receiving the love, care and specialized services that she needs to make a full recovery!

Thank you for celebrating little Ariana’s safety and freedom with us! We could never do our lifesaving work without you! We are so happy that SHE IS FREE!