Young girl RESCUED! Meet Angel!

Angel was only 9 years old when she was abandoned by her mother and left with nowhere to go. Forced to work to have a place to sleep, Angel took a job in a bar delivering drinks. Soon, she was forced to prostitute herself too. Angel would sleep in one of the rooms out behind the bar (where the other child prostitutes are held). These rooms are commonly called “pig-pens” because they are so disgusting – they are small rooms with just a slab of wood where the girls are raped all night long. The pain of her life was so overwhelming, but she convinced that there was nowhere for her to go, since food stamps and homes for orphans do not exist in her area.

A few months ago, police found what they thought was the dead body of a 14 year old girl. They soon realized she was barely breathing – but still alive! Angel had been strangled by her traffickers. The police resuscitated her and brought her to the Unlikely Heroes home – ┬áthe only home for children rescued from sex slavery in the area.

Now Angel has friends, is enrolled in high school and is receiving the love, therapy and care she needs as she heals in the Unlikely Heroes home.