An Update on COVID-19

It’s incredible how quickly life as we know it has changed in such a short time. The rapidly changing world around us has left us all scrambling to find some stability in the midst of much uncertainty. It is even more so for the children and survivors in our restoration homes and programs. We have spent the past several weeks talking to our home and program directors, assessing the needs of the children and survivors we serve, and strategizing ways we can support the increased need of those in our care.

With that information, we are taking immediate steps to respond in a swift and strategic manner to keep everyone safe. Our restoration homes have all undergone quarantine and our home directors have transitioned all of the children to homeschooling. New domestic survivors continue to find support and healing. Our headquarters team is now working from home. Events, meetings and trainings in the next several months are being handled case by case and we hope to provide updates soon.

Although the world around us is coming to a grinding halt, our work still has to go on. And although the need is great, our hope is too.

What we continue to be encouraged by is this: humanity is rising to the challenge of coming together. We are seeing many of our Unlikely Heroes friends and supporters stepping up and making a difference in your communities and neighborhoods. Many of you are selflessly serving others and determined to make a difference. You are developing thoughtful and creative connection in spite of the distance and isolation. We couldn’t be prouder to stand alongside you during this unprecedented time.

Many of you are asking how you can support us right now and we’re asking that you continue to stand with us: in spirit, in hope and in generosity. If you’ve been one of our loyal partners, thank you so much for your support, and we ask that, if you can, you would continue to support us during these difficult times. And if you are able, please consider making a one-time gift to help with our efforts to get support to the most vulnerable people groups during this time – women and children – both here in the USA and abroad.

A lot of uncertainty lies ahead and we don’t have all the answers, but we know that together, we are stronger.

Erica and the Unlikelyheroes Team