Christmas Miracle – New Rescue!

15439966_1207719429307563_1658369203425101443_nBreaking news it’s a Christmas Miracle!!! Our teams have been working for months to rescue the youngest sister trapped in a child pornography ring. This sweet girl, only 5 years old, is now safe and reunited with her two older sisters who were both under 10 years old when they were rescued by our teams. Along with her sisters, all 3 girls had all been held against their will and used as victims of child pornography. It was such a great victory for all three girls to be reunited, after months of fighting to get their youngest sibling rescued. The girls are celebrating and we are all so happy she’s safe and receiving the life saving care and therapy she needs!! All 3 sisters are now safe, living at our Unlikely Heroes home, thrilled to be spending this Christmas together in freedom.