Celebrate our FIRST U.S. Home!

We are EXCITED beyond words to announce we will be opening our first USA home for kids rescued out of sex slavery on December 12, 2015 in Texas!

We’ve been doing a lot of work internationally and you’ve been there to support us through it all. NOW we’re focusing stateside! We would like to invite the support of our friends and family in making this home possible by giving what you can. If you’ve been thinking of partnering with us, now is the time.

For this home to open, we need to raise $150K for an 8-bed facility so that 8 more children can sleep safely, receive the best in restorative care, and have the support to move towards a hopeful future.

Join us in creating a safe haven for these children and celebrate the start of a new life together!

Become a hero today. 

Give What You Can!