What is Move for Freedom?

A virtual fundraiser during July created to bring communities, friends and families together to celebrate freedom and support our mind, body and soul through daily activities throughout the month. Join us on this journey to restore hope and build resilience. We all need it right now!


July 1 – July 31, 2021


This peer-to-peer fundraising campaign engages people from all across the world to focus on healthy minds and bodies while celebrating freedom and helping those who are still fighting for theirs.

We all need it right now!


You can participate anytime and anywhere!

Hop on your Peloton, take a walk in nature, do yoga, dance around the house, cook something healthy—and so much more!

We all need connections right now so don’t do this alone. Now’s the time to gather your friends, family and neighbors because it’s better together.

Can we count on you to bring freedom this July?