Together, we are going to rescue 5 children from slavery and bring them home for Christmas.Join Us!


Donate $35 and Receive A Free Rescue Bag Filled With Goodies!

Being a Rescuer means fighting for what’s right, never giving up, and using your voice so others can live FREE!

Our Rescue Bag was inspired by Heroes just like YOU! When you wear this shirt not only will you look great, but you will also feel great because you know that you were directly responsible for rescuing a child out of slavery! Your support means that a child in bondage today, can live free tomorrow!

Rescue Bag Includes: 1 Logo Bag, 1 Tank Top, 1 lb. of Coffee Beans, 1 Coola Exclusive.

Join the Unlikely Heroes Movement. Donate $35 or more today and we’ll be able to rescue, restore, and educate 5 girls from human trafficking! And as a THANK YOU from us, you will receive an exclusive Rescue Bag filled with goodies!