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Since 2013, Survivor Mentorship has been a part of Mexico City’s rehabilitation program. This specific type of mentorship has helped these girls transition into successful futures, providing them the ongoing support they need to live out their dreams.

In fact, 3 girls have also been featured in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico! Additionally, our partnership home is innovating training and support for our survivors to face their traffickers in prosecutions. Over 20 traffickers have been put behind bars to date with another 60 open cases.

About Trafficking In Mexico

By conservative estimates, each year there are an estimated 800,000 adults and 20,000 children trafficked for sexual exploitation. Mexico has been rated a Tier 2 Watchlist nation for human trafficking from the US State Department, one step above the Tier 3 rating for countries with the worst human-trafficking records.

Unlikely Heroes Camina A Casa In Mexico Unlikely Heroes Rescue Home Story

Meet Hailey.

Welcome home, Hailey!! After enduring years of child sexual exploitation, Hailey is now living at our Unlikely Heroes home and was just enrolled into 7th grade!! Hailey said she loves going to school, watching funny movies and eating popcorn with the other girls in our home. 

Hailey is working closely with our clinical team and her attorneys, preparing to testify against her trafficker in court soon. Hailey is brave and wants to do whatever it takes so the man who trafficked her “will never get to hurt another child”. Hailey continues to meet one on one with our therapists and participate in group therapy to help her recover from her trauma. Hailey, your bravery is inspiring.