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Since 2011, our teams have worked around the clock finding girls trapped in local brothels, bringing them food, and developing relationships until recoveries can be made possible. Working alongside local authorities, Unlikely Heroes has provided an unparalleled recovery base for these vulnerable children.

In 2018, we built a second story to our Hope Home with an additional 10 beds, offering safety and restoration to more than 20 survivors of human trafficking. This expansion allows our team members to provide emergency services and care to more victims, protecting the most vulnerable and at risk in the areas surrounding our home.

About Trafficking In Philippines

By conservative estimates, there is an estimated 475,000 women and girls in the sex trade in the Philippines today. Philippines has been rated a Tier 1 Watchlist nation for human trafficking from the US State Department, two steps above the Tier 3 rating for countries with the worst human trafficking records.

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Meet Gracie.

For 14-year-old Gracie, the dangers of life forced into child sex trafficking were a daily reality. From physical and emotional abuse to the risk of deadly diseases, each moment brought a new reason to live in fear. However, after meeting our Home Director during an outreach to local brothels, Gracie soon found the courage to escape her everyday nightmare.

Arriving at our restoration home in the middle of the night, we knew she needed urgent medical attention. Today Grace is safe and secure, but our team now believes she may pregnant—making her need for specialized care even more critical. Memories linger and the wounds of trauma often run deep, which is why long-term solutions are essential as her journey to recovery begins.

YOUR support makes it possible to show her she’s WORTHY of love and a life free from the terrors of sexual exploitation. Through medical care, trauma therapy, education and more, Gracie can live without fear and discover how to dream again.