400+ Rescues

We’ve rescued over 400 children, and now have over 100 children living in our homes receiving full-time, wraparound restorative care.

7 Homes.

Since 2011, we have opened 7 Restoration Homes across 4 countries: USA, Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines.

80,000+ Educated

We’ve educated over 80,000 people on the issue of human trafficking and how to respond through our awareness campaigns, training seminars, and prevention programs.

Who We Are.

Unlikely Heroes is dedicated to bringing freedom, restoration, rehabilitation to child victims of sex slavery through the implementation of restoration homes, outreach, and prevention programs. Each child in our care is provided the medical care, trauma therapy, safe housing, and LOVE that they need. In our Restoration Homes, our goal is to ensure that the children are not just surviving, but THRIVING.

Our Finances.

We run a tight ship. 92% of all of our funding directly supports rescues, programs, and restoration homes. A small 8% is allocated for staff and administration. Your support directly impacts the rescue and restoration of a child trapped in sex slavery.

Connect With Us.

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