About The Home

The Thrive Home in Thailand is a center focusing on trauma therapy. This includes prevention education in the schools, training up to 700 students at a time, guarding them with tools and awareness of the exploits and manipulation faced in human trafficking.

The children at the Thrive Home will gain rehabilitation within an excellent standard of medical care including access to psychologists, trauma therapy, and education.

    Within the walls of the Thrive Home, we seek to provide the best expertise for:
  • Outreach work in schools for prevention of future victims
  • Specialized catering for children with special-needs
  • Pioneering in educational methods for teaching high-risk children
  • Therapeutic services and background analysis
  • Immediate medical care
  • Counseling from both local and international therapists – specialized in high trauma
  • Leadership and staff development for future home models
  • All children attend excellent private schools
  • Comfort and safety with a team of local Thai and experts from the USA, all packed with big mother hearts and cultural awareness
  • Systematic and successful practice for reintegration back into society

Inspiration for Restoration in Future Homes

While the world is becoming more aware of the increasing problem of sex-trafficking, Thrive Home stays committed to it’s core value of excellence. Determined to pioneer and move forward in education, Thrive Home wants to create more options so that girls will never become victims. We want to teach the next generation, especially the children categorized in the high-risk category (whose parents coerce them within the sex industry) that, with education, they can remain free – safe to dream again.

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