Rescue Stories

12 Year Old Rescued!

Jenny was only 12 years old when she was brutally raped for the first time. Living under her grandmother’s care, Jenny was sold to men who raped and abused her several times a day. If Jenny ever resisted, she was often beaten until she gave in.

Jenny had nobody to turn to for help. She was trapped in this torturous cycle and in so much physical and emotional pain that she wondered, “Does anyone actually care about me?” With the assistance of local authorities and a brave neighbor, our outreach team located and rescued Jenny out of captivity and she was immediately placed into our home. Because of YOU, she is living in safety for the FIRST time. And with YOUR help, Jenny is receiving necessary medical care, food, a warm bed, and trauma counseling to help her heal. Building trust is a slow process, but we will be there every step of the way in her path to a full recovery. Rest little one, you are now safe! 🌼

17 Year Old Rescued!

Nora lived with her aunt, who was unable to provide her with the necessary care she needed. Forced to find a job and try to provide for herself, Nora began working at a local bar at only 17 years-old.

After a few months, the bar owner manipulated Nora into selling her body. The bar owner threatened that Nora would lose her job if she refused. She was terrified to lose her job because she had no other options — Nora felt completely trapped and alone. She began going from bar to bar where she was forced to dress up in high heels and sell her body. Nora was raped by up to 20 men a day. She thought she was going to be trapped in this nightmare forever.

Through our weekly outreach, our rescue team immediately recognized Nora’s horrifying situation and began building trust with her. Our team alerted authorities to organize a rescue, helping Nora escape her horrors and transition into our restoration home. Now, Nora lives in our home where she can be safe and continue her education. She finally goes to bed without the fears of tomorrow keeping her up all night. Because of YOU, Nora is moving forward, one day at a time. ❤️

14 Year Old Rescued!

She’s only 14-years-old, but she arrived at our home so malnourished, she looked smaller than the average 10 year old. But now Allie is FREE.

Allie was abandoned by her mother at only 4 years old. “I had no food and I felt like i was running from death”. Desperate for food and a place to sleep, Allie had to sell her own body just to survive. Allie saw no end to the pain and abuse until one of our survivor leaders, during an outreach, encouraged Allie and told her, “freedom IS possible for you.”

Our survivor leader immediately went back to our rescue team and helped organize a rescue plan for Allie. Together, they rescued Allie and she was brought into our restoration home. Allie is now getting the proper nutrition her body needs to grow, and will start school next month!

Allie is now part of a safe home and a loving family that encourages her to heal from her past and grow into her future. Allie, you are SAFE now. ✨ #Freedom #EndSlavery #EndItMovement #EndIt

6+7 Year Old Rescued!

Mateo, 6, and Lucas, 7, have endured unparalleled terror and pain. Both boys were sold for sex, living in conditions and treated like animals, horrifically abused day after day.

The boys have deep wounds and even deeper scars. They have been manipulated, coerced, and sexually assaulted at the permission of their own grandmother. These precious boys felt as though they would always be trapped in this vicious cycle of pain.

Thankfully, our teams were able to help them escape and they are now FREE! Mateo and Lucas are beginning to open up with our home director about the pain they’ve experienced. And the boys were so far behind in school that they couldn’t even write their own names — a skill they are now determined to conquer together. And because they were rescued so young, there is so much hope for them that they will be able to heal and recover.

We’re so grateful that they are together in safety and we are hopeful for all the milestones to come in their healing process. Their journey has just begun and YOU will be there every step of the way. Thank you for saying YES to our kids!!

At only 6 years old, Lena was forced into trafficking and was sexually and physically abused day and night. She was thin because her traffickers starved her and her eyes had become dull from malnourishment. She had nearly given up all hope because of all the years being trapped in horrific and exploitive living conditions. It had been years since she slept safely in her own bed, and sweet Lena thought she would never be safe again.

Working with local authorities, we were able to intervene and rescue Lena from years of trafficking and abuse! She came to our restoration home and began receiving trauma counseling and medical care, and now she is developing trust with the other girls in the home. Lena is building new relationships, enrolled in school, and once again she has her own bed to sleep safely in. For the first time in years, Lena feels truly safe.

When Lena needed you the most, YOU stepped in and let her know you cared. Because of your help, Lena is finally free from years of abuse, neglect and horror. Now, she has everything she needs to live a transformed life of freedom!

9 Year Old Rescued!

Lucy, an innocent child, trusted that a family friend would always be a safe person to have around. He gained Lucy’s trust by treating her well – at first – and she never questioned his intentions. However, he wasn’t the kind man she thought he was. He manipulated Lucy and began selling her for profit. He sold her to man after man and threatened to beat her if she ever told anyone. Lucy lost a part of her sweet spirit each time she was violently abused. She felt like she would never know freedom again. Every night, Lucy wished for someone to know the truth and save her from the darkness surrounding her.

Thankfully, YOU stepped in to rescue Lucy from the daily abuse she endured. Working with local authorities, Lucy was rescued from a life of pain and bravely told the truth of what happened. Because of her courage, the perpetrator is now in jail for trafficking. Finally, Lucy rests peacefully in our Thrive Home knowing that he will never harm her again, and her spirit is beginning to strengthen once again. And as she begins her restoration journey in the safety of our home, YOU will be there every step of the way. Help us provide the medical care, trauma therapy, and individualized education plan Lucy desperately needs to move forward. ❤️

5 Year Old Free

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.27.26 AM

Breaking News! She is FREE!!! Little Ariana was just 5 years old when she was rescued from sexual abuse. A life of poverty and suffering had left little Ariana vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Our teams were right by her side to comfort her and support her when she was rescued by special investigators.

She’s so young, she couldn’t even understand why detectives kept asking her so many questions.

Our teams have done everything they can to make all of the difficult moments from this past week easier for her – they got her a strawberry ice cream cone (her favorite flavor!), and they let her pick a beautiful pink bouquet of flowers that put a smile on her face.

At every step of the way, we’ve had a psychologist with her to help her process her pain and trauma, and little Ariana is now living in the safety of our Unlikely Heroes home receiving the love, care and specialized services that she needs to make a full recovery!

Thank you for celebrating little Ariana’s safety and freedom with us! We could never do our lifesaving work without you! We are so happy that SHE IS FREE!

He is Free!

Rescues He is only 7, and has already lived through more pain and suffering than any child should ever know. His father, a fisherman, would leave him alone all day while he was at work in an area frequented by pedophiles. Faddey was forced to perform sex acts for money to the tourists and other pedophiles who would prey on kids like him in the area. Every night, Faddey would give his father the money he made when he returned for him late at night. Thankfully, Faddey was rescued and taken to our home to receive the emergency trauma care and counseling he so desperately needs. Faddey is now safe, recovering at our home, and our team says that there is nothing sweeter than the sound of his giggles when they hear him laughing with the other kids.

15 Year-Old Rescued

survivor-edit-2 Alive and safe, but she desperately needs your help! She was trafficked for the first time when she was only 13 years old. The pain and trauma of this ordeal at such a young age left her wounded and scarred. When she was finally found, her hair had been cut and dyed to make it difficult for her to be located. Through our Goldie’s House USA Program, we are providing the access she needs to emergency care, medical services, counseling, and the on-going emotional support her family needs during this incredibly difficult time. Our USA program is making a way for her to receive the critical care and support that she desperately needs to recover.

Nutrition is Key!


Did you know that Nutrition is a vital part of our program? According to the CDC, hunger due to insufficient food intake is associated with lower grades, higher rates of absenteeism, repeating a grade, and an inability to focus among students. At Unlikely Heroes, we make it a PRIORITY that each one of our kids receive healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks so they can bring their best foot forward when tackling school! 🍎


At Unlikely Heroes, we are committed to seeing dreams come true for each child in our home! Dee was exploited for months until she was rescued by authorities and placed into our care. She dreamed of going to school and opening her own business. Through her long journey of recovery and restoration that day has finally come! We are so excited to celebrate with Dee as she prepares to open her very own business WHILE attending University! Get it girl! 💪🏻 We are so proud of you!

Good Grades!

16298440_1249229465156559_2550544784304771067_n   It’s the turn of the school year in our homes and it’s time to celebrate! Grades are in and ALL of our kids have finished strong! Straight A’s! Congrats everyone! 📝👩‍🎓 Thank you for helping to make education possible for our children. Every child in our Unlikely Heroes homes attend school and are working towards graduation and eventually attending university. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to grow and makes their dreams come true!

16266038_1249316391814533_8004730179766056126_n   THIS JUST IN: Major flooding in the Philippines has caused many people to evacuate their homes and seek alternative shelter. Our rescue teams are helping to aid over 7,000 displaced people in the immediate area to provide supplies, food, and shelter. Did you know that natural disasters leave women and children particularly vulnerable to traffickers? Often they are left with no food, no home and sometimes unable to locate family members. Traffickers take this opportunity to go into displacement camps and take vulnerable children, often without a trace. From, rescue, to rehabilitation and to reintegration our Unlikely Heroes teams are on the ground every step of the way to prevent the future trafficking of innocent victims.

Allie is Now Free!


Abandoned at 4 years old, and then sold into the hands of traffickers, Allie is now free. Forced to live in a sex den for many years as a child slave, Allie became pregnant last year at only 16 years old. Throughout her pregnancy, she found herself worrying about her baby and their future. Terrified that her baby would be taken from her and sold to other traffickers, just after her baby was born, Allie found herself mustering up the strength to plan an escape. She decided she had no option but to risk both of their lives and to try and run away. (more…)

Law School Graduate


OUR GIRL JUST GRADUATED from Law School!!! She now has a full time job with the Mexico Supreme Court where she was also recently an intern. Mary wants to change the world through law and policy and help victims of trafficking just like she was! WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU! 💪👩‍🎓

Beach Day!

Beach Day

Rescue Update: Happy First Beach Day Ellie! You may remember it was only a few short weeks ago 5 year old Ellie was rescued from a child pornography ring. She’s now safe and healing at Courage House. 🏖

Ellie* absolutely loved the beach, the sand and a fun day to enjoy life! The sand was such a new feeling for her she didn’t know how to react. She actually cried at first with the sand because she didn’t know what it was, and the other girls at the our home in Mexico had to show her how to play with it! Before you know it she was rolling in the sand and giggling! A few minutes later she got brave enough to pile it all over herself. Now, she’s totally in love with the beach.

13 Year Old Rescued!


Our teams rescued a 13 year old girl from a trafficking ring in the Philippines. Found hiding at a bus terminal, our teams got a call from an employee at the bus station who reported she had found a young girl hiding in the bathroom, locked in a stall. The young girl told the woman that she was a part of a group of 4 girls who were being transported to the nearby city to be a part of a larger trafficking ring, where she would be sold again. When she realized what was happening, she knew it could be one of her only moments to get away and she ran and hid in the public bathroom, hoping that the traffickers wouldn’t find her. She is now safe, getting the medical care she needs and our team is working hard to rescue the other 3 girls who are also being transported!

15439966_1207719429307563_1658369203425101443_nBreaking news it’s a Christmas Miracle!!! Our teams have been working for months to rescue the youngest sister trapped in a child pornography ring. This sweet girl, only 5 years old, is now safe and reunited with her two older sisters who were both under 10 years old when they were rescued by our teams. Along with her sisters, all 3 girls had all been held against their will and used as victims of child pornography. (more…)

sweet15 Recently, one of our girls, Lydia got to celebrate her Quinceañera! Rescued and living in our Mexico rescue home, the Courage House, she is growing up strong & healthy.

She is Free!

rescuestories In November, Tara was rescued from traffickers and taken to our home for rescued kids in the Philippines. After only a few days in our home, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Tara, only 16 years old, was having health complications and suffering from a severe infection due to an abortion forced upon her by the hands of her traffickers. Thankfully, she is on the mend, and was just released from the hospital, and is now back in our home. We are so grateful that this young girl will be in a safe, loving home for Christmas. (more…)

14-Year Old Rescued

Amy Amy, pregnant from being a victim of human trafficking for many months, had the courage to escape her captors one night. We helped find and rescue her – while providing medical treatment for her and her baby. Update: Her newborn baby has developed blood clots in her head. Please donate today to help pay for medical support!

Baby EJ Adopted!

14516554_1138021542944019_4475899274656935705_n Baby EJ is officially adopted! In 2013, upon hearing what she believed to be a baby crying, our home director in the Philippines had found outside in a trash can a newborn baby still wrapped in his umbilical cord. We later found out his birth mom was only 14 years old and trapped in a brothel. If our home wasn’t there, Baby EJ wouldn’t have had anywhere to go. NOW, 3 years later Baby EJ is officially adopted! Loved and cherished by our incredible home director and her family the Philippines, Baby EJ is a walking, talking , fulfilled promise! We LOVE you baby EJ and you are a HUGE part of our family!

Two New Rescues


Two girls rescued from slavery are now safe and sound!!! After their parents died from AIDS, the 2 girls were forced to live on the streets, sell their bodies and beg for food just to survive. Rescued by our Unlikely Heroes team, they are now safe and sound, recovering at our home and being given the very best in emergency medical and therapeutic care. Welcome to our home sweet girls! You’re safe now and we are celebrating your freedom with you! ❤️

Miracle Baby Survives!

Baby Maribel

Raped, alone and left for dead.

Alexis laid in a pool of her own blood. She had survived another savage beating. Forced into sex trafficking by the man that claimed to love her, beaten and stripped of her freedom; isolated from friends, family and everyone she knew, Luis warned her that to contact her relatives would be a death sentence for her and for her entire family. Paralyzed with fear for her own safety and the well-being of her family, she endured beating after beating and was routinely raped by 25 or more men every single day. (more…)

Happy Birthday Baby EJ!


Happy 3rd Birthday Baby EJ! This is a picture of baby EJ when he first came into our care. 🍼 // In July of 2013, our home director in the Philippines heard a noise coming from the trash can outside of our home. She discovered that the noise was a baby crying inside a trash bag still wrapped in his umbilical cord. Our rescue teams swiftly took him into a nearby hospital. After taking him into our care, our teams discovered that this baby belonged to a teenage human trafficking victim. Three years later, our teams have nurtured and have taken care of this abandoned baby. He is now thriving, healthy, and happy. We are so grateful that our teams on the ground are working hard and risking their lives to give children like Baby EJ a second chance at life.

13482826_1058921624187345_5218226185302669849_o THREE girls that we help support in Mexico are featured on the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico list! These young women are using their stories and their voices to end human trafficking in their nation! They are the real heroes. ❤️ 💪

Sofia’s Garden


HOME UPDATE: In our home in Mexico, Sofia* is 10 years old and one of the youngest in the house. She and her sister were victims of child pornography and exploitation by their own mother. Because of her trauma, Sofia has had a hard time interacting with others and a hard time in school. Sometimes, when she feels lonely she likes to go outside and look at nature. Our staff noticed this and they took a trip to the store and gave Sofia her very own gardening project! She’s been so excited to have a little garden that she is now able to feel more confident to express herself. Our teams on the ground are working hard every day, helping each rescued child feel whole, loved, and be filled with hope. We love celebrating victories like these every day!

Way to go, Sofia – we are so proud of you.

Baby Girl Rescued!


Our teams just received a severely abused and traumatized baby girl into our care. This precious toddler was raped, beaten and has suffered horrific injuries, including broken bones and damage to her internal organs.

This little one is currently at the hospital, undergoing surgery and recovering from her abuse. Our teams are by her side – holding her hand and supporting her through every moment – so that she knows she is not alone.



Celebrate our FIRST U.S. Home!

We are EXCITED beyond words to announce we will be opening our first USA home for kids rescued out of sex slavery on December 12, 2015 in Texas!


Two New Rescues!

Two Girls Rescued out of sex slavery! They’re now SAFE in our Unlikely Heroes home in the Philippines.


Baby EJ Turns ONE!


In July 2013…

The director of our Hope Home in the Philippines heard a noise outside coming from a trash bag. Believing the noise to be a baby crying, the director opened the trash bag and found a newborn baby naked and still attached to his umbilical cord.



From the desk of Founder Erica Greve:

For the past few months, I have been working with girls who escaped the Chibok kidnapping along with 21 of the mothers who are still awaiting the return of their daughters. The mothers and the escapees were moved from Chibok to Lagos to receive medical care, and the anti-human trafficking organization I run, Unlikely Heroes, was asked to send a team to provide the grief counseling, trauma therapy and support services they desperately needed to help them cope with their ordeal.



Together, we build new lives.

Because of you, Unlikely Heroes is building new homes for children rescued from sex trafficking around the world.

We have homes in three nations: the Philippines, Thailand, & Mexico. Recently our team in the Philippines had a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open up our newly built rehabilitation home! This home will provide safety to more than 10 child survivors of sex slavery and help prevent hundreds of sexual assaults each year.


She did it! New victory!


She did it!

Your support made this triumph possible.

One of the first girls we rescued in 2011, from a brothel in the Philippines, now has hope and a future. This beautiful young lady just graduated from high school and gave the opening address at her graduation ceremony!


11 Year Old Girl Rescued!


It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our Unlikely Heroes family: Kala

Kala is short for Kalayaan which is the Filipino word for “Freedom”. Kala is a truly incredible and inspiring 12-year-old Filipino girl who is, right now, living out her name.

Three weeks ago, the Unlikely Heroes Outreach Team came to Kala’s rescue. They heroically risked their lives, rescuing her from the hands of traffickers. I was privileged to be able to sit down with Kala soon after she was rescued. She was brave enough to tell me her story, and I would like to share some of it with you.

Sitting and listening to her story, I was heartbroken by her words. She told me that, at the young age of 8, she was being repeatedly raped by her father and other family members. “They would rarely leave me in the house alone, and, when they did, they would tie my hands and feet and leave me naked, so I could not run away.” Her father was also physically abusive (her body is covered in cigarette burns) and starved her (no food or water) for 3-4 day periods. Though family would try and help on occasion, they were too afraid of her drug-addicted father to rescue her or tell the authorities.


Angel was only 9 years old when she was abandoned by her mother and left with nowhere to go. Forced to work to have a place to sleep, Angel took a job in a bar delivering drinks. Soon, she was forced to prostitute herself too. Angel would sleep in one of the rooms out behind the bar (where the other child prostitutes are held). These rooms are commonly called “pig-pens” because they are so disgusting – they are small rooms with just a slab of wood where the girls are raped all night long. The pain of her life was so overwhelming, but she convinced that there was nowhere for her to go, since food stamps and homes for orphans do not exist in her area.


Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.02.45 AM

On July 24, 2013, the director of our Unlikely Heroes restoration home for child victims of sex slavery heard a noise coming from a trash bag hidden outside of our home in the Philippines. Believing the noise to be a baby crying, the director opened the trash bag to find a newborn baby naked in the bag, still connected to the umbilical cord. (more…)