• Addy16 Years Old

Sweet baby Addy was born out of abuse and exploitation. Her mother, just 16 years-old and homeless was finally picked up by authorities and brought to our restoration home only a few days ago.

This is Addy’s first Easter in safety and we made sure to give her a basket full of treats and her new favorite stuffed bunny. When our team gave her the bunny, you could hear her sweet giggles throughout the house. 🐰💕 Addy desperately needs emergency medical care and testing. Addy, her mother, and 4 other girls just recently recovered from sexual exploitation were all placed into our home just this past week. We have an immediate need to raise $50,000 for their emergency care and rehabilitation.

Thankfully, the Unlikely Heroes Board sees this immediate need and has generously donated $25,000 towards a matching grant, so every dollar you give TODAY will be doubled.

Give today, double your impact, and help these 6 sweet girls HEAL and GROW. Visit our GroupRev link in bio to give 🌸

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