• Adelina4 Months Old

This one’s a heartbreaker, friends. We just rescued Talia and her newborn baby from a human trafficking ring in Mexico. Sadly, because Talia was abused by so many men, she contracted HIV and passed it on to her newborn baby, Adelina. Both are now safe in our care and receiving the medical care they so desperately need. 💕

Talia was trapped in a brothel for more than two years, abused daily and sold for her body against her will (our team is currently handling their emergency needs and we are just getting details now). Talia got pregnant while trapped and gave birth to precious Baby Adelina. Thankfully, we were able to bring them both into our restoration home and provide the necessary services they need to heal physically and emotionally. But because of the abuse Talia endured for years, she tragically passed HIV to Baby Adelina. We’re doing everything we can to help Baby Adelina overcome and live the healthiest life possible but we need YOUR help. Please give today to support precious Baby Adelina and her fight to survive!

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