• Alex9 Years Old

Alex was like most 9 year olds. He loved playing outside and his favorite sport was soccer. But his life changed forever when a neighbor saw that Alex was vulnerable while his mother was at work all night. Alex’s neighbor manipulated his way into their home by starting off friendly, bringing candy and treats. Over time, he began to abuse and threaten Alex . And the abuse didn’t end there. His neighbor brought other people into Alex’s house and began selling him for sex while his mother wasn’t home. Alex’s spirit was crushed and he was so scared that he couldn’t even tell his mom out of fear that she would get hurt too.

Thankfully, another neighbor recognized that something about Alex wasn’t right, and reached out to our restoration home, explaining to us what they witnessed. With help from local authorities, we investigated further and located Alex. We were able to rescue him out of this terrifying abuse and brought him into our boys’ home to live a life of freedom, safety, and joy. Because of YOU, boys like Alex now have a safe place to reach full restoration and follow their dreams!

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