• Allie14 Years Old

She’s only 14-years-old, but she arrived at our home so malnourished, she looked smaller than the average 10 year old. But now Allie is FREE.

Allie was abandoned by her mother at only 4 years old. “I had no food and I felt like i was running from death”. Desperate for food and a place to sleep, Allie had to sell her own body just to survive. Allie saw no end to the pain and abuse until one of our survivor leaders, during an outreach, encouraged Allie and told her, “freedom IS possible for you.” Our survivor leader immediately went back to our rescue team and helped organize a rescue plan for Allie. Together, they rescued Allie and she was brought into our restoration home. Allie is now getting the proper nutrition her body needs to grow, and will start school next month!

Allie is now part of a safe home and a loving family that encourages her to heal from her past and grow into her future. Allie, you are SAFE now.

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