• Allie4 Years Old

BREAKING NEWS: Abandoned at 4 years old, and then sold into the hands of traffickers, Allie is now free.

Forced to live in a sex den for many years as a child slave, Allie became pregnant last year at only 16 years old. Throughout her pregnancy, she found herself worrying about her baby and their future.

Terrified that her baby would be taken from her and sold to other traffickers, just after her baby was born, Allie found herself mustering up the strength to plan an escape. She decided she had no option but to risk both of their lives and to try and run away.

Allie escaped only a few weeks ago, and had nowhere to go with her newborn baby, but she knew that the one place she could not go was back. Assisted by Unlikely Heroes rescue teams, she just made it to safety and has been moved with her newborn baby into our home.

They are now safe, receiving the medical and restorative care they need. NOW, Allie and her new baby are finally living in freedom, surrounded by love and people who care. Allie, we celebrate your strength and courage today – and we celebrate with you that your baby will now only know a life of freedom.

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