• Alyssa5 Years Old

Alyssa was just 5 years old when her mother began selling her. Exploited by up to 5 men in a single day, Alyssa told our team “there were times the pain I felt paralyzed my every move.” Alyssa bravely told one of her teachers what was going on at home. Her teacher, who had been trained to know the signs of trafficking and how to help, filed a report. Authorities contacted Alyssa’s grandmother who immediately took her in. However, under the care of her grandmother, Alyssa struggled to heal and move past her trauma without trained support. Her older sister told her grandmother that she would take care of her and give her a better life, so Alyssa once again moved away from her school. Alyssa truly thought she could trust her sister. But once she was there, her sister’s husband began abusing her and “offering” Alyssa to his co-workers.

Alyssa finally found a moment to escape and ran as fast as she could towards a gas station. She called the police and our team was contacted. We quickly made preparations to get Alyssa the emergency and long-term care she needed. When she sat with our team for the first time, just a week ago, she said she’d “never been treated well by anyone before.” Her physical abuse is over, but it will take time for Alyssa to heal emotionally and believe that she is WORTHY of love, joy and all her dreams coming true.

Speaking of dreams, Alyssa will soon be enrolled in the 7th grade and began sharing her dream of becoming a doctor with our team. We believe that with trauma therapy, her individualized education plan, the excellent restorative services we provide, the safety of our home, and YOUR HELP, she can reach that goal.

Including Alyssa, we’ve had SIX new children arrive in our home in this last week and we need your help.

Give toward Alyssa’s education today and watch your impact grow as Alyssa does. And every dollar you give today will be MATCHED, up to $25,000.

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