• Annabelle5 Years Old

Alone while her mother worked long hours, 5-year-old Annabelle was lured to a neighbor’s house where he forced her to perform hundreds of sex acts for his own profit. Concerned neighbors called our Unlikely Heroes team into action after becoming suspicious of little Annabelle coming in and out of the house with so many strange men.

Our team helped local police gather the information needed to arrest her trafficker who is now behind bars. Finally free, Annabelle came into out home where she is receiving the emergency medical attention and trauma counseling she desperately needs. Annabelle can finally have the childhood that she deserves, and she’s thrilled to be back in school with her friends, learning so much and gaining confidence every day! Seeing her shine and grow every day is the reason we do what we do! Because of YOU, today, we are celebrating Annabelle’s freedom!

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