• Briana14 Years Old

At only 14 years old, Briana moved ​to her uncle’s house ​with hopes that life would be better. In the beginning, she trusted him and thought she would finally be able to focus on school​, like other girls her age​. But after some time, her trust was broken and Briana suffered traumatic ​exploitation over and over again.

Authorities were contacted when an anonymous caller reported that Briana stayed home ​​alone ​regularly ​while her uncle went to work, instead of going to school.

Authorities began investigating and discovered her uncle had been selling her at night. She was hurting, scared, and didn’t know who she could trust anymore.

Our Home Director was contacted and our team quickly arranged a safe place for her in our restoration home last week. Briana is safe now, and is telling our team how thankful she is to be able to go to school again like a “normal girl”. The road to restoration takes YEARS and, while Briana is resilient, she needs YOUR help. Your donation toward Briana’s education will impact her life for years to come!

Just in the last week, TEN new children have been brought to our Unlikely Heroes homes!! We need your help TODAY to give them the medical care, emergency services, and stable, loving environment that they so desperately need.

Every dollar you give is DOUBLED up to $25,000, thanks to our generous Board’s matching grant. Together, we’ve already reached 68% of our goal. Thank you for saying “yes” to their healing! Give at the GroupRev link in bio and double your impact!!💪💗 #YourLoveisHeroic #humantraffickingawareness #endchildslavery #enditmovement❌ #endchildtrafficking *stock photo used to protect the identity of the children in our homes

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