• Charlie17 Years Old

Charlie, the brother of one of our girls living at our home in the Philippines, is now free. Abandoned by their parents at a young age, Charlie did everything he could to protect his younger sister while they were both held in captivity.

Charlie was imprisoned by his traffickers for over a year, forced to do unthinkable things, and the entire time he had to live in a small prison cell like an animal. Trapped and miserable, Charlie felt as though his life would never get better. Thankfully, our team helped Charlie to escape and he’s now living in freedom and safety, and was able to see his sister.

As his road to restoration begins, he is now safe and our teams are helping to get him back in school. Charlie says he wants a new direction for his life and we will be there every step of the way. Thank you for joining us in providing restorative care and giving children like Charlie the chance to rewrite their story. Together, we are giving futures back!

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