• Chloe

Chloe’s mother and father passed away suddenly, leaving her scared, alone and wondering “am I going to be okay?”. She moved to her grandmother’s house where her uncle also lived, but something just didn’t feel right. Where she would normally feel safe, she felt uneasy.

We are still receiving information from our trained trauma therapist on what happened. What we do know right now is Chloe’s worst fears were realized when she was physically exploited in her Grandmother’s home.

Because our restoration homes are known for top-notch, individualized care, we are often the only safe place considered for a child with this kind of trauma. Our team partnered with authorities to bring Chloe into our home just this past week to begin her road to healing.

Chloe knows that she is safe, but she is still processing all the excruciating experiences she has endured at such a young age. Right now, she’s having a hard time accepting the love and kindness from our team, which is very normal this early in the healing process. She is also saying that she suffers from terrible nightmares most nights. Chloe needs the support of our wraparound services like trauma therapy, medical care, education and the love that is woven into all of it so that she can heal and live a future filled with health and hope!

Today, your donation will go toward the trauma therapy that Chloe desperately needs to move forward. And every dollar you give will be MATCHED, up to $25,000. Give at the GroupRev link in our bio ✨Together, we are giving futures back!

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