• Daniella16 Years Old

He said he would make her a model. Daniella, only 16 years old, wanted to believe him because she was hoping for a way out and longing for a better life. She had no idea that this man would altar the course of her life, forever.

He took her to a hotel, raped her and then brought in other men to rape her. He exploited all of her vulnerabilities and he sold her over and over again for sex. A few weeks ago, our home director received a call from the hotel manager where Daniella was being sold and said that there was a young girl trapped in a hotel room with a much older man and asked for help. Our home director worked with local authorities to assemble a team and together we were able to get Daniella out of the hands of her trafficker and into safety.

She is now living at our home, recovering, receiving the emergency medical care and counseling that she needs to help her live a life of freedom. Welcome home, Daniella, you are now safe. 💕

Together, we are giving futures back.

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