• Ellie4 Years Old

Ellie was 4 years old when she was sold to a pornography ring to be abused and exploited for money. Her captors took advantage of her innocence and forced her to endure terrifying cruelty. “I was in a room. Men came to take my picture. I saw lots of bad things and lots of bad things happened there. When my sisters left me, I really cried a lot. Then some good people came for me. They took me away from the bad people. Today I live in a house with my sisters and I feel safe. Now I see good things. I love my new home.”

This past weekend, Founder and CEO, @ericag44, was in Mexico with Ellie and her sisters, and it was such a joy for her to see Little Ellie free and reunited with her sisters! Ellie’s sister told Erica that, “I was afraid for her every day. I didn’t know who I could talk to, or where to go to keep my sister safe.” Today, thanks to you, little Ellie and her sisters are free, and they are safe! All three precious little girls are now living in the safety and peace of our loving home.

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