• Emily14 Years Old

Emily was only 14 years old when she became a target of her 35 year-old neighbor. She was left home alone and vulnerable after school while her mom worked the graveyard shift every night. Her neighbor started giving Emily undivided attention, telling her she was beautiful and eventually that he loved her. Emily fell in love.

Soon after, he claimed that he didn’t have enough money to afford his home and would have to move away from her, unless she helped. She didn’t want him to leave so she started sleeping with the men her “boyfriend” brought around. Night after night, man after man – Emily was being sold for sex. As soon as Emily’s mom realized her daughter was under the horrifying influence of their neighbor, she contacted the local authorities.

With the help of our home director and local authorities, Emily was rescued and brought to our Unlikely Heroes home. Emily is bravely moving forward in safety and freedom. At 15 years old, she is receiving the best care possible, but her journey has just begun. Your continued support will help Emily heal and reach her dreams.

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