• Julie10 Years Old

Abandoned at only 10 years old, Julie was left alone on the street where men took advantage of her vulnerability. Abused night after night, she had no one to turn to and no one to check on her. Weeks turned into months and the months felt like forever. Sweet Julie wondered if anyone would ever take care of her or if this would always be her reality.

During an evening of outreach, our team met Julie and saw the sweet spark within her that had been dimmed for some time due to the trauma of abuse — the spark was dim, but not gone. Julie told us she had felt like she “wasn’t important” to anyone. 💔 Our team knew they had to bring her into freedom, safety, and love. So they worked tirelessly with authorities to get her off the street and into our restoration home where she can heal from the years of trauma she endured. Now, Julie loves outdoor activities with her new friends and being back in school where she is catching up fast. She still struggles with low self-esteem and wondering “am I important?”. We know it will take time for her to heal, but soon she will begin to realize how very special, talented, smart, and loved she is. And we love telling her the truth about herself!

Every single day, we provide the individualized care each child living in our homes needs to heal, grow, and look ahead to their restored future. Thank you for providing a warm bed, nutritious meals, play time outside, education, job training, and so much more to these precious kids. Consider making a year-end donation and help a child know that she is important to you. Together, we are giving futures back!

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