• Kasey10 Years Old

FINALLY SAFE!!!! This sweet girl is only 10 years old, but sweet little Kasey is now free from child sex slavery!! Our home director said that when Kasey first arrived at our home, she was so malnourished she could barely walk. In order to escape from her traffickers, Kasey had to walk for 5 miles all by herself – she is only 10 years old – and she didn’t even know which direction she was walking.

Even at this young age, Kasey knew that in order to survive she had to do whatever it would take for her to escape from her trafficker’s hands. Kasey was finally found by police, who brought her to our home. Kasey is very weak and thin, and has lived through years of horrific abuse, but she is now finally free and surrounded by our loving team.

Our home director asked Kasey, “what’s your dream?” and Kasey said her dream was to simply go to school like other girls her age. Kasey is safe and recovering in our Unlikely Heroes home and soon she will be strong enough to start school and her dream of going back to school will finally come true!

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