• Katherine

Katherine, trafficked, homeless and alone – suffered abuse after abuse. Then, she found out she was pregnant. She thought “how am I going to take care of both of us and keep us safe?” Katherine fought to keep them both alive, but she couldn’t do it on her own for long. When she thought all hope was lost, local authorities, trained in how to respond to signs of trafficking, picked up Katherine and her baby in hopes of helping them have a better life.

Our Home Director was the first person contacted and our team prepared to welcome Katherine and her precious baby girl, Addy, into our restoration home for child victims of trafficking. They’ve only been in our home for a few days, but we can already tell a weight of fear has lifted off their shoulders. With the specialized care we provide each child, including medical care, trauma therapy, education, and more, Katherine and Addy will truly heal from the horrific trauma they’ve endured for so long.

Give toward their medical care today and every dollar you give is DOUBLED up to $25,000, thanks to our generous Board. These children’s needs are great, but we know your support is even greater!! Give at the GroupRev link in bio and double your impact today!

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