• Lena9 Years Old

At only 6 years old, Lena was forced into trafficking and was sexually and physically abused day and night. She was thin because her traffickers starved her and her eyes had become dull from malnourishment. She had nearly given up all hope because of all the years being trapped in horrific and exploitive living conditions. It had been years since she slept safely in her own bed, and sweet Lena thought she would never be safe again.

Working with local authorities, we were able to intervene and rescue Lena from years of trafficking and abuse! She came to our restoration home and began receiving trauma counseling and medical care, and now she is developing trust with the other girls in the home. Lena is building new relationships, enrolled in school, and once again she has her own bed to sleep safely in. For the first time in years, Lena feels truly safe.

When Lena needed you the most, YOU stepped in and let her know you cared. Because of your help, Lena is finally free from years of abuse, neglect and horror. Now, she has everything she needs to live a transformed life of freedom!

Every dollar you donate goes a long way. Donate today and give the gift of FREEDOM!

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