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SHE IS FREE!! Lindsey dreamed of going to school and learning to sew. All she wanted was to make money to help feed her hungry family. Lindsey met a man who promised to help make her dreams come true only if she promised to leave her family and stay with him in the city. What Lindsey didn’t know was that he was married and only wanted to use her for sex. He threatened Lindsey to never see her family again if she told anyone the truth.

Months after being trapped and abused, young Lindsey found out she was pregnant. Upon hearing the news, the man immediately kicked her out with absolutely nothing. Lindsey, frightened and alone, found shelter at our Unlikely Heroes restoration home.

And because of your support, Lindsey and her baby are safely getting the medical attention they both need. Because of you, dreams of a better future are becoming a reality for her and her child!

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