• Lucy9 Years Old

Lucy, an innocent child, trusted that a family friend would always be a safe person to have around. He gained Lucy’s trust by treating her well – at first – and she never questioned his intentions. However, he wasn’t the kind man she thought he was. He manipulated Lucy and began selling her for profit. He sold her to man after man and threatened to beat her if she ever told anyone. Lucy lost a part of her sweet spirit each time she was violently abused. She felt like she would never know freedom again. Every night, Lucy wished for someone to know the truth and save her from the darkness surrounding her.

Thankfully, YOU stepped in to rescue Lucy from the daily abuse she endured. Working with local authorities, Lucy was rescued from a life of pain and bravely told the truth of what happened. Because of her courage, the perpetrator is now in jail for trafficking. Finally, Lucy rests peacefully in our Thrive Home knowing that he will never harm her again, and her spirit is beginning to strengthen once again. And as she begins her restoration journey in the safety of our home, YOU will be there every step of the way. Help us provide the medical care, trauma therapy, and individualized education plan Lucy desperately needs to move forward.

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