• Maddie17 Years Old

At a young age, Maddie was moved to her grandmother’s home after her mom died. Then, when she was only in 6th grade, her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and became unable to care for Maddie. During this vulnerable time, Maddie met a man who gained her trust by making her feel cared for, loved, and protected. One night, after being drugged, she woke up in a new city far from home. The man she loved and thought loved her back was now beating her, forcing her to dance at a club and sell her body out of their hotel room. This was now her new shattered reality.

Thousands of men took advantage of her, paying to use her body in any way they pleased. Night after night, abuser after abuser, Maddie wondered if she would ever be free again — free to go to back school, free to go to the park with friends…freedom to live even just one single day without terror.

Maddie got very sick and her “boyfriend”, now trafficker, sent her to the hospital. The nursing staff suspected something was not right. That’s when Maddie’s terror ended.

Thanks to the quick response of the emergency room department, the authorities got involved. They discovered that Maddie was being trafficked and called our Unlikely Heroes team to bring her to our restoration home.

Maddie needs YOUR help. She has urgent needs for medical care and specialized services due to the thousands of rapes she endured. Your support will allow Maddie to receive the services she so desperately needs.

We need to raise $10,000 immediately for Maddie’s emergency medical care and specialized services. Can you help?

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