• MaribelInfant

“My mom thought she had found love. She had no idea the man claiming to love her was actually a recruiter for a local trafficker. His job was to identify young vulnerable girls and isolate them from friends and family. My mom was one of his targets. He kidnapped her and forced her into slavery. She was raped as many as 25 times a day. One day she was so badly beaten, she was sure she would die. She had given up all hope.

“With nothing to lose, my mom made a daring escape. She ran to a local medical clinic and begged for help. It was then that she realized she was pregnant with me and there was a high risk of complications. The Unlikely Heroes team took in my mom, and a few months later, I was born.

“Now, I have hope.” (Maribel and her mom are doing well in our rescue home and learning to be a family. Your support is giving this sweet miracle baby a new future.)

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