• Marilyn14 Years Old

Marilyn dreamed of a better life and for a way out of the poverty that had surrounded her for her entire life. She dreamed of attending school and learning a trade so that she could make money to help her family as well. One day she met a man and he made promises of school and education as long as she promised to stay with him. What Marilyn didn’t know was that he was married and only wanted to use her for sex. This man manipulated Marilyn and told her that if she ever spoke the truth of her situation that he would no longer pay for her school and he threatened to keep her from her family.

After many months of Marilyn’s silence she found out that she was pregnant and when she told the man he refused to listen to her and made her leave. In the middle of the night, he kicked her out and said he would no longer pay for her schooling and that she could never come back to him. Marilyn left that night and sought shelter at the Unlikely Heroes home.

Thanks to you, Marilyn is safe and recovering from the months of abuse and manipulation that she had endured. Through local relationships on the ground, our home director was able to get Marilyn’s schooling paid for. Every success story really is written by so many #heroesstepping up to say YES I WILL HELP!! Marilyn is safe because of YOU and now her dreams of a better future are becoming a reality. Thank you!

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