• Mateo & Lucas6 & 7 Years Old

Mateo, 6, and Lucas, 7, have endured unparalleled terror and pain. Both boys were sold for sex, living in conditions and treated like animals, horrifically abused day after day.

The boys have deep wounds and even deeper scars. They have been manipulated, coerced, and sexually assaulted at the permission of their own grandmother. These precious boys felt as though they would always be trapped in this vicious cycle of pain.

Thankfully, our teams were able to help them escape and they are now FREE! Mateo and Lucas are beginning to open up with our home director about the pain they’ve experienced. And the boys were so far behind in school that they couldn’t even write their own names — a skill they are now determined to conquer together. And because they were rescued so young, there is so much hope for them that they will be able to heal and recover.

We’re so grateful that they are together in safety and we are hopeful for all the milestones to come in their healing process. Their journey has just begun and YOU will be there every step of the way. Thank you for saying YES to our kids!!

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