• Maya15 Years Old

At the age of 14, Maya thought she was simply going to hang out with her friends, but when she arrived she quickly found out that these two were not her friends at all. The other girl’s “aunts” captured Maya and began terrorizing her with threats to her life and her family if she did not comply. They moved her to a different city far from her home, locked her up, and forced her to have sex with men nightly. Even when she became pregnant and gave birth to a perfect baby girl, the victimization didn’t stop, but Maya never lost hope.

She waited until the perfect, single moment that would lead to her daring escape! One night, her captors carelessly left her door unlocked and in the dead of night Maya gathered baby Evie up and silently slipped out the door. She ran all night until she reached the safety of our home. Now Maya and baby Evie are SAFE, FREE and recovering at our Unlikely Heroes home!

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