• Myra14 Years Old

Myra was repeatedly raped by her manipulative neighbor who threatened to kill her family members if she said anything about what he did. The abuse quickly turned into being forced to sell her body for money. Myra endured the horrific pain over and over because she was too afraid of what would happen if she said anything. She wondered, “is there anyone out there who can save me?” Thankfully, YOU intervened.

Our rescue team on the ground was able to work with local authorities to find and rescue Myra out of the pain she was beginning to believe would never end. Myra is now safe in our restoration home and receiving the individualized care she needs. She’s already made new friends in our home, too! Myra is so grateful to be back in school where she is THRIVING with girls her age. Her joy is written all over her face and we want to thank YOU for making these stories possible. Together, we are giving futures back!

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