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Breaking News!! Only a few hours ago our teams rescued a 13 year old girl from a trafficking ring in the Philippines. Found hiding at a bus terminal, our teams got a call from an employee at the bus station who reported she had found a young girl hiding in the bathroom, locked in a stall. The young girl told the woman that she was a part of a group of 4 girls who were being transported to the nearby city to be a part of a larger trafficking ring, where she would be sold again. When she realized what was happening, she knew it could be one of her only moments to get away and she ran and hid in the public bathroom, hoping that the traffickers wouldn’t find her. She is now safe, getting the medical care she needs and our team is working hard to rescue the other 3 girls who are also being transported.

We will update you as we get more details from our team on the ground. Please send your thoughts and prayers to our team as they work around the clock to care for this girl and fight for the safety and freedom of the other 3 girls.

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