• N/A5 Years Old

Breaking News! She is FREE!!! She’s only 5 years old, but she’s now free from years of abuse and exploitation. She’s so young that these past few days since her rescue have been really hard on her. She’s had to go through a lot of medical examinations and handle so many tough questions from investigators. Our teams have done everything they can to make all of the difficult moments easier for her – they got her ice cream cones, her favorite snacks, and they let her pick a beautiful pink bouquet of flowers that put a smile on her face. At every step of the way, we’ve had a psychologist with her to help her process her pain and trauma and she is now living in our Unlikely Heroes home, receiving the love, care and specialized services she needs to make a full recovery!

We are so happy you are safe, little one, and we know you have a long journey of healing ahead of you, but we hope you know there are so many people behind you today – celebrating your freedom and believing in your full recovery!

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