• Ruby6 Years Old

At a young age, Ruby lost both of her parents and was left living with distant family members. They didn’t allow her to enroll in school, so she was very behind and had no interaction with other kids her age. Ruby was neglected and beaten by several member of the family. As if Ruby could lose any more trust than she already had, one of the family members raped her. Following this traumatic incident, her family members exploited and abused her.

Working with the local authorities, we rescued Ruby from that dark and terrifying place and now she lives happily in our restoration home. And we mean itㅡ she is so happy, she’s all smiles! Ruby is in school for the first time and finally has friends in her home, and she’s filled with JOY. Her reaction when she received her school uniform was priceless, and she hasn’t stopped smiling!

Thankfully, you have shown Ruby that she is loved and cared for. With your support, action was taken to free her from her nightmares and place her in our loving home where she is surrounded with kindness. Ruby now has the opportunity to receive the critical care she desperately needs to heal.

Because of YOU, Ruby is free and feeling the love! Help us free more children and show them that they are worth it. Donate today so we may continue to shine a light on slavery!

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