• Sadie15 Years Old

Sadie’s family was struggling to make money, so at 15 years old she found a job to make some extra money to help out. Life seemed to get better, but then an emergency surgery forced her to leave work in order to recover. She came back to work while she was still recovering, and couldn’t work as hard as she had before the surgery. Because she was struggling to keep up, her boss began to push her around, and, threatened to fire her if she didn’t do what he said. He began trafficking her. Sadie, desperate to continue helping her family and pay for her own medical bill, felt trapped working for this despicable man who was exploiting her weaknesses and selling her for sex.

Thankfully, our outreach team spotted Sadie and recognized the signs of trafficking and abuse. Our team was able to successfully get Sadie out of the horrible conditions and into our home with the consent of Sadie’s parents. They wanted the best for her—and after hearing about their daughter’s trauma at work, they were grateful for Sadie to live in our restoration home for the time she needed to rehabilitate. Sadie is now able to focus on her education and recovery. Our medical team is taking great care of her and she’s receiving the trauma counseling she so desperately needs. Sadie’s rescue was only possible because YOU provide a safe haven for children rescued from slavery with your support. Thank you for using your voice and your freedom to bring Sadie freedom!

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