• Samuel5 Years Old

Just rescued last week, Samuel – only 5 years old – is finally free from sexual exploitation and is now sleeping in safety at our restoration home for boys in Mexico! Although he arrived frightened and timid from the years of abuse, little Samuel has been so sweet and happy that he is finally free.

Our team has welcomed him with open arms, and he’s loved every moment of eating cheeseburgers and gulping down chocolate milkshakes.

Last week, our Unlikely Heroes Founder, Erica Greve, was able to greet little Samuel only 2 days after he arrived in our home. Erica went to the home to see the kids’ Christmas presentation, and Samuel joined right in. He squealed with delight when all of the kids piled into the glass elevator at the venue where the kids debuted their Christmas songs. We will have more details about little Samuel’s journey soon, but what we do know is that that he no longer has to be afraid and that he will never be exploited again.

We will keep you updated on Samuel’s journey to healing as it has only just begun.

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