• Sarah16 Years Old

16 years old and trafficked on the internet, she is now free. Sarah told our teams that her trafficker reached out to her through Facebook, and convinced her to meet with her in person. After they had met in person, he raped her, threatened her, and then began posting her photo on his Facebook page and selling her for sex. Sarah said that he would sell her to men on-line, but then he would keep all of the money for himself and force her to meet with more and more men and bring in more and more money. After months of horrific abuse, she finally found the courage to tell a trusted adult and they brought her to the police. The police then took her to our Unlikely Heroes restoration home, where she has been living since her rescue.

Sarah is now safe, living at our home and working with our highly-trained Unlikely Heroes support team. She is meeting with therapists, doctors, investigators, and she is starting to regain some of the strength that was stolen from her. Our treatment teams have let us know that she has been through so much trauma that it may be several weeks or even months before she is ready to go back to school. Thankfully, our dedicated teams are with her day and night, giving her the support she needs to make it through this tremendously difficult time.

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