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“I thought I was just a girl lost in a large and well-known trafficking ring in another city, far away from my own home. Abused and raped every day, I never felt safe.

“My traffickers brought me to a bus station, and I knew it was the last chance I would possibly ever get to escape. I ran to the bathroom and pulled my feet up so that no one could find me.

“Then, a woman came into the bathroom who had been trained to stop human trafficking by the Unlikely Heroes team. She called them and soon, the Unlikely Heroes team came to the bus station to get me and they helped me reach safety at their rescue home.

“Now, I’m Found. (Update: Stephanie has been living at our Unlikely Heroes home for the past 11 months. She is thriving and looking forward to living her teenage years in peace. Your support will provide for her in our loving home.)

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