• Talia15 Years Old

“It is better for me to escape than to die ​​here”💔

​Talia​ is only 15 years old, but she had endured abuse and pain for many years. Sold into slavery, thousands of men have taken advantage of her, giving money to use her body to the traffickers that “own” her. Night after night of paralyzing fear and abuse, Talia wondered if she would ever be free — to go to school or ride a bike outside with friends, or have a family.🏡

During one of our outreach nights, our team met Talia and saw the spark of resilience within her. If only she knew how valuable she was. Our team talked with her, looked her in the eyes, called her by name, and planted the seed of hope. Planting that seed helped Talia realize that she was WORTH saving, WORTH teaching, WORTH a life that exceeded even her wildest dreams. And the next time we visited the bar she was trapped in, she told us “I want out. I’m ready. It is better for me to escape than to die here​.​”🗣

Thanks to you and your support, now Talia is FREE. She is safe in our restoration home receiving the medical care her body needs, trauma therapy, education, life skills, job training, and LOVE that she desperately needs to heal and move forward.🌼

We know that her future is bright, but Talia still has a long way to go in her recovery. Donate today and be with Talia every step of the way. Together, we are giving futures back!

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