• Tara12 Years Old

Kidnapped by terrorist militia when she was only 12 years old, young Tara became a hostage. She was taken deep into their jungle camp, and as their prisoner, the militia terrorized her with mock executions, forcing her to beg for her life. They made her a sex slave and she was passed from fighter to fighter to be raped and brutalized whenever they wanted. If she didn’t comply she knew they would kill her.

Trapped, desperate, and with no way to escape, Tara was forced to do what the militia wanted. It was only when she realized that she was pregnant that she made a daring decision to escape. She slipped into the jungle, under the watchful eye of her captors, saying she needed to use the bathroom and slipped just out of his line of sight. She knew that it was now or never, and she ran for her life.

Pregnant, alone and in unfamiliar territory, the months of rape and torture had left her so vulnerable that after running away from the terrorist camp, she quickly found herself captured again by a local gang of traffickers. With no way to care for her newborn child, Tara was left desperate, hungry and terrified.

Thankfully, on one of our outreach trips to the local bars, another girl who was also trapped in the same bar told our team members Tara’s story. She wanted Tara and her baby out of the brothel, and agreed to help her escape. Our home director immediately went to work to do whatever she could to make Tara’s rescue possible. It took our home director a few weeks before she was certain that a safe rescue was possible. When the time came, our team risked everything to set Tara and her baby free, and we are so happy to tell you that they are BOTH now safe and free.

Today, they are living in the safety and freedom of our Unlikely Heroes home, where they are getting the emergency medical care and support they need.

You make EVERY RESCUE possible! Together, we are changing the world one life, one rescue at a time. We will continue to update you on the developing story! Thanks to you, Tara and her baby are FREE!

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