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Tilly, a 7-year-old, was brought on a trip to the city by a family member that she had trusted her whole life. They had gone to family events together, celebrated holidays, and he had always made her feel safe — until now. On this trip, he broke Tilly’s trust forever. He manipulated her and took her to the city to start trafficking her for money. Tilly was sold to men who raped, beat, and violated her over and over. Confused and traumatized, sweet Tilly lost hope of ever being found. Before she finally fell asleep at night, she wondered, “Does anybody know I’m here?”

Thankfully, YOU heard Tilly and took action to free her from manipulation and pull her out of the darkness that surrounded her. Tilly was placed into our Thrive home where she can go to sleep safely every night. She’s making friends with the other girls in the home, smiling, laughing, and moving forward, one step at a time. You will be with her along the way.

Thank you for helping us provide the restorative care, medical care, and education plan Tilly needs. Donate today and help us bring another precious child into freedom forever.

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