Gina NeelyEducation Director at Goldie’s House, Dallas, TX

Gina is an experienced educator with over 10 years of teaching experience, specializing in General Education, Early Childhood Development, Curriculum Development, ESL, Special Education and Reading Intervention. Gina excels at creating specialized learning environments where all students can succeed, including gifted and talented, on-level, dyslexic, autistic, Asperger’s and learning disabled.

A dedicated teacher and mentor, Gina provides students with engaging and motivating learning activities that foster student success, and has successfully implemented SIOP strategies promoting success for English language learners. Gina is experienced in assessing the academic needs of her students and understands how to apply assessment data to guide student learning and instructional focus. Her certifications and state licenses include: Generalist EC-4, English as a Second Language, Sheltered Instruction, ESL Certification, Gifted and Talented Training, Early Education, Write from the Beginning and Reading Academy.

Gina is a passionate educator who believes that all students can achieve their dreams, and that they need to have the right support system in place. Gina truly believes that our greatest resources are our children. Her passion for teaching and her understanding of special needs create a drive and a desire to learn in her students.