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Meet Our Community Outreach & Events Coordinator

London is the Community Outreach and Events Coordinator for Unlikely Heroes.

London received her Bachelor’s degree in Human ResourceDevelopment and Business Management at Texas A&M University. During college, she began her career as a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics, sparking her passion and love for people. After graduating, she moved to the DFW area, where she continued her career as a freelance makeup artist as well as managing a well known medical spa in Highland Park, TX. She first connected with Unlikely Heroes when she did makeup for some of the guests at the Unlikely Heroes Gala, and that was where she fell in love with their incredible work. London has years of experience in management, and she is dedicated to putting all of her efforts towards the anti-trafficking movement. London hopes to utilize her skills in outreach and events to help raise awareness, plan successful fundraisers, and ultimately rescue more children from sex trafficking.

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