Two New Rescues!

Two Girls Rescued out of sex slavery! They’re now SAFE in our Unlikely Heroes home in the Philippines.

Ana’s Story


A few days ago, 16 year old Ana was stabbed at a brothel where she was trapped as a child sex slave in the Philippines. In a rush of panic, Ana ran to our rescue home crying and covered in blood. Ana knew our home existed because our outreach teams diligently visit the brothels where Ana works each week, bringing food, clothing, and doing their best to rescue out every trapped child. When Ana arrived at our home, with blood-stained clothing and in danger of losing her life, she told our home director that she had been stabbed in the local bar by a jealous wife of a customer who had been raping her. Our teams immediately took her to receive emergency medical treatment and she is now on the path to recovery in our home.

Help Ana Recover!

Lia’s Story


In the Philippines, a young girl just 15 years old was living with her mother who was a sex worker. Lia’s mother also forced little Lia to sell her body for sex in the local bars. One evening, when her mother was at work, some of her mother’s customers forced their way into the house and tried to rape Lia. Remarkably, Lia was able to run to a neighbor’s house who called our home director and Lia was immediately taken to our home. The Unlikely Heroes teams swiftly took her in and she began to receive medical treatment and trauma counseling. One week later, Lia is now safe and receiving the proper care that she needs, rescued from a life of sex slavery and now receiving the life of freedom that YOU make possible.

Help Lia Recover!

For $25 a month, you can help Ana & Lia be on the path towards recovery in our restoration home. They’ll each receive ongoing medical care, trauma counseling, be enrolled in school, food, shelter, and tons of love. You make restoration and rescue possible. Partner with us today!